Thank you Bainbridge for your trust!

On Nov 7, 2023, the residents of Bainbridge Island voted to elect me by a resounding margin. I realize the trust and magnitude of that responsibility and embrace the opportunity to work for our school district, students, families and community members.

Thank you!

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Evan is working for our kids

Smart. Friendly. Protective. When it comes to fighting for our kids, Evan Saint Clair is your guy.

Evan is an entrepreneur and tireless leader in the effort to make Bainbridge Island a better place for students, families and community members. From volunteering in classes, leading the Odyssey parent community, marching for justice and empowering our students, Evan is there everyday standing up and saying, “how can I help?”

Meet Evan

Officially Endorsed by the Kitsap Democrats and 23rd LD Democrats

Standing Up for Students First

Inspired by my wonderful daughters, I decided to stand up to help ensure their access to educational success, opportunities and a sense of place. These days, being a student isn’t easy, and it is essential we continue to create spaces where they feel safe, supported and challenged to find and be their best selves. I promise to support each student, whatever their background, and wherever they are on their educational journey.

A Student is More Than a Math Test Score

Like many families, we moved to Bainbridge Island for the excellent results found within our schools. After years of volunteer service on the ground (literally) and in leadership positions, I’ve learned success in math or history or science is supercharged by having a strong foundation of social and emotional health. I promise to focus on the health of the whole student so they can find their success too.

A Path for Every Student

One of the most rewarding aspects of being on the School Board is seeing the different paths students take to their success. Whether they are college bound, heading into the trades or serving their nation, we create amazing scholars and future leaders. To do that we offer countless electives, CTE courses and opportunities for passion and skill development. I promise to keep fighting for each student to find and begin their unique journey.

Supporting Our Kids

Seriously, my goal is improving the lives of Bainbridge Island kids. I take a bottom to top view and believe we need to look at the big picture while focusing on results at the micro level. I count on you to make sure I can show up at the table.